Smoky Mountain Tour

Classic Cars • Mountain roads


Tackle the Carolinas’ finest mountain switchbacks.

How would you like to drive your classic sports car the way you’ve always wished you could? We’re talking about curvy roads, breathtaking scenery, and a team of support staff at the ready should anything go wrong. You'll join the editors of Classic Motorsports and tackle this amazing adventure with a small group of interesting, like-minded enthusiasts and their amazing cars (strict limit of 25 vehicles). Think of this hub tour as a summer camp for classic car enthusiasts! 

You'll drive roads like the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Tail of the Dragon. You'll travel through towns like Cashiers, North Carolina, Dilliard, Georgia and Townsend, Tennessee. And you'll experience Porsche’s amazing Atlanta facility.

Worried about the details? Don't: That's where we come in. From start to finish, our trained staff will transport your luggage, accommodate any special requests, and even take your selfies if you'd prefer. You'll also have the undivided attention of our team of expert mechanics, just in case your car has any mechanical issues or needs a tow. Backing them up is a fleet of sports cars, which you're welcome to drive if your car can't be quickly fixed.



March 3-7, 2019


Starting in Atlanta, Georgia, with a hub in Highlands, North Carolina


Starting at $5250
All lodging, meals (except dinner on Wednesday) and attractions included.


Visit our frequently asked questions or call (386) 239-0523.

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Wow! What Fun! Driving through rural farms; deep woods; high-end housing; interesting views.
Nice group of people all around!
Would be willing to pay more...
REALLY nice accommo-dations, well done.
EVERYONE should be called out for a great performance. Always there when we needed them, always gone when we didn’t.
Enjoyed every minute.
Fabulous roads! Best part of trip.
This is/will be one of my more memorable vacations.
Great routes!
First class all the way!
A great deal; more than expected extras: room tips; little gifts every day; house tour; BMW Performance Center ride, etc.
Food was fantastic.

2020 Smoky Mountain Tour Itinerary


Day 1: Sunday, June 9, 2019

It's tough to park a trailer or land an airplane in Highlands, so we start at the luxurious Chateau Elan in Atlanta. We’ll get everyone checked in, then have dinner and hand out welcome gifts.

Day 2: Monday, June 10, 2019

After a relaxing breakfast at the hotel, we’ll enjoy lunch in beautiful Helen, Georgia. After lunch we’ll point our cars north to climb the scenic, winding road to Highlands North Carolina. Today also will also feature a special stop along the way at Atlanta Motorsports Park, where we’ll get to drive our cars on the beautiful race track. Our staff will place your luggage in your hotel room before you arrive in Highlands.

Day 3: Tuesday, June 11, 2019

After breakfast, we’ll travel through the Nantahala National Forest and Great Smoky Mountains National Park on our way to lunch in Townsend, Tennessee. Then, we’ll drive the famous Tail of the Dragon, a stretch of road that packs 318 curves into just 11 miles! Don't worry, though–after those 318 curves, we'll settle into a scenic route that traces the Nantahala River on our way to visit Fontana Dam, meaning beautiful sights and engaging driving. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Fontana Dam is also the tallest in the Eastern United States, and can best be described as the Hoover Dam, but with trees on either side. We'll end the evening with a gourmet dinner in Highlands and perhaps some time around the outdoor firepit before retiring to our rooms. 

Day 4: Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Today's route will take us in a different direction: Rather than head north, we'll be pointing our cars south, eventually driving all the way to Northern Georgia's rugged Chattahoochee National Forest. Along the way, we'll enjoy a short hike to a picturesque waterfall, as well as a family-style southern feast for lunch. We'll then take twisty roads back to Highlands, where everybody will have an evening to themselves to choose their own adventures in this charming mountain resort town. Feel free to shop, dine, or explore more back roads, but don't hesitate to ask us for any suggestions.  

Day 5: Thursday, June 13, 2019

After we breakfast and say our goodbyes to Highlands, we will begin our trip south to return to Atlanta. Along the way are waterfalls and a stop at a unique car museum before we arrive back at the Porsche Experience Center for a late afternoon reception and dinner. Our staff will place your luggage in your hotel room before you arrive. 


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Entry Fees

Deadline for all entries is
February 1, 2019

$5995 (1 driver and 1 co-driver, double occupancy)

$5250 (1 driver, single occupancy)

$7095 (1 driver and one co-driver, single occupancy)

A $2200 deposit will be collected to secure your place on the Smoky Mountain Tour. 

Final balance is due 30 days before the tour commences. Cancellations within 60 days before the start date forfeit the deposit; cancellations within 45 days of the start date forfeit half the total tour price. Cancellations within 7 days of the start date forfeit the total price.

By entering this event, the driver, entrant owner, and/or co-driver agree to permit Classic Motorsports the use of their name, voice and/or likeness for news features and publicity including radio, television, printed media and in connection with advertising or editorial.


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