Orange Blossom Tour: Exclusive Car Collection Added to Route

It’s not everyday that you sign a non-disclosure agreement to visit a car collection, and it’s even rarer to find one worthy of such secrecy. But this collection is worth it. We can’t share its name, its location or a full list of its contents, but we can share these teaser photos and say that every guest on the Orange Blossom Tour will be free to explore it in person. Always sheltered from public view, we’ve just added it as a stop on the tour, and can honestly say it’s one of the finest collections we’ve ever visited.

Reliable Carriers Offers Discounted Shipping Rates for Tour Participants


Driving your sports car is a blast–after all, that’s what Classic Motorsports Road Tours are all about–but driving it down boring roads that are full of traffic is never fun. Fortunately, our partners at Reliable Carriers have offered special shipping prices for our tour participants, discounting their already-reasonable rates approximately 20%! This means that rather than drive your car cross-country to our tour's start and end, you can instead ship it in one of Reliable’s enclosed transport trucks.

Here’re a few examples of Reliable’s discounted pricing for our tour participants:

To/From the Orange Blossom Tour:

From New Jersey: $1000 per car/each way
From Michigan: $1000 per car/each way
From Washington, D.C.: $850 per car/each way

To/From the Smoky Mountain Tour: 

From New Jersey: $800 per car/each way
From Michigan: $800 per car/each way

To/From the Golden State Tour:

From Los Angeles: $700 per car/each way
From Portland: $600 per car/each way
From Chicago: $1500 per car/each way
From Denver: $1000 per car/each way

Interested in shipping your car? Call Reliable’s own Damon Sewell at 800-521-6393 x 6229. Don’t forget to mention Classic Motorsports, as well as the tour you’ll be attending.

Note that these estimates assume a minimum of four tour participants/truck, and are subject to change.