Classic Motorsports Road Tours Roadside Assistance Policy


Although we hope it doesn’t happen to any of our participants, breakdowns and mechanical problems are sometimes unavoidable on a long trip like this. 

For the duration of the tour, our sweep vehicle will be following the prescribed route behind the main tour group. If you plan to leave the route for any reason, or if you plan to skip a stop or keep a schedule significantly different from the rest of the tour group, please let a member of the Classic Motorsports staff know in advance. Any roadside assistance provided in that situation will be on-call only, and only after we’ve followed the majority of our group for the day.

Tom, one of our knowledgable and experienced mechanics, will be in our sweep vehicle. It’s stocked with common automotive fluids, tools and diagnostic equipment, basic spares and basic emergency supplies. If asked, our mechanic will happily inspect your car before each driving leg, doing things like checking fluids and tires. In order to serve all of our guests, our mechanic cannot perform routine maintenance like oil changes or belt replacements during the tour, and substitute vehicles cannot be driven unless your vehicle cannot continue under its own power. While we may attempt to repair comfort and convenience items like broken radios or faulty heaters, our priority will always be disabled vehicles.

Once we’ve arrived at the scene of a breakdown, we’ll take basic diagnostic steps to discern your vehicle’s issue, and if we believe a roadside repair is possible, we will attempt to fix your vehicle immediately. If we do not believe a roadside repair is possible, or if we believe it would be dangerous or delay support for other tour participants, then we will call a tow truck to trailer your car back to the evening’s hotel, and give you a substitute vehicle to continue the day’s route in. The decision between roadside repair and trailering will be made at our sole discretion, and is not subject to appeal. 

Back at the hotel parking lot, we may again attempt to repair your vehicle. If we decide your vehicle cannot be repaired in the hotel parking lot, we will have it transported back to the tour’s starting point by our sweep driver or by Hagerty’s Roadside Assistance, and you will finish the tour in a substitute vehicle. Participants will be billed for any replacement parts costs. Our staff’s labor is completely free for the duration of the tour.

Because we can only carry one substitute vehicle with us, in the case of two breakdowns in one day, you may be asked to ride in the sweep vehicle or in another support vehicle until another substitute vehicle can be delivered to the tour.

If You Break Down:

  1. If you are in imminent danger, were involved in a serious accident, or are having a medical crisis, call 911 immediately and follow their instructions. 

  2. If possible, move your vehicle into the safest area available. Raise your hood and leave it open, then turn on your hazards (if equipped). These steps make you easier to find. If you’re close to traffic or feel unsafe, exit your vehicle and wait as far from traffic as reasonably possible.

  3. Call or text our sweep driver and tell him where on the route you’ve stopped. Though he’ll stop automatically for any disabled tour vehicles, calling ensures he doesn’t miss you.

  4. Once our sweep vehicle arrives, you may either wait inside it or assist our mechanic with the diagnosis and repair of your vehicle. 

  5. Our mechanic may ask for your assistance during the diagnosis/repair/trailering process. Only assist if you’re physically able and feel safe doing so. Our mechanic’s most common request is for model-specific spare parts or technical advice, as our sweep vehicle only carries the basics and our mechanics are not marque specialists.